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Friday, 23 January 2015

Golf Activity Plans at Scottsdale Golf Club

The weather has been great for golf since we opened in October and many more Scottsdale Golf Club rounds have been played this year than in the past, which is great news.

The Ladies’ and Men’s Rodeo, our Scottsdale Golf Club Member- Member tournaments in November had larger fields than in past years and hopefully will continue to grow in upcoming years. This Scottsdale Country Club tournament kicked off the competition season with the full schedule starting right after the New Year. As in years past, we have a full complement of Match Play Competitions for individuals, as well as team events such as the ever popular Captain’s Cup. Be on the lookout for each Match Play’s brackets as the sign-up deadline was December 29th.

We are finalizing the itinerary and programming for our spring Scottsdale Private Golf Club Member-Guest tournaments -the Desert Diamond Classic for women, and The Round-Up for men. The plan is to have a registration opportunity on ForeTees after the 15th of January, which you will be informed of prior to the initial sign up date. The one change of note to the Round Up only is the format will return to five (5) matches, which was very popular, as told to us in the Member survey last spring. Please keep up with your Scottsdale Golf Club ForeTees notices to be updated on tournament information.

Ladies’ Golf Instruction

We have some nice activity with our Scottsdale Private Golf Club ladies golf instruction sessions to date and at your request; we will be adding more dates to the calendar. For those who have not participated as yet, instruction is available to all level of players and we cover short game and full swing in every session.

Some have inquired as to our Scottsdale Country Club “system” of teaching to which I can reply, it is custom to the needs of the student as no golf swings or golfers are identical. There is not a cookie cutter model for all players, but more so what your game needs, what ball flight makes sense for you to play your best golf, and then build what can be repeated with each club in your bag.

I can tell you Scottsdale Golf Club Focuses on fundamentally sound concepts so they can easily be remembered and executed. Please keep in mind that just because you are comfortable with how you swing, does not mean it is as correct as it could be and thus some small changes should be considered for better results.

Instruction will be helpful if you make the time to work on it, otherwise when you try to play with new ideas without work and practice; you will play golf with a confused mind. So, please, let’s make a commitment in 2015 to play better golf with help from one of our Country Club PGA professionals, and work on all phases of your game, both full swing and believe it, more importantly, your short game.

Over the years I have read many books on golf instruction and one of my favorites that I would recommend to you, if you can get a copy, is “Swinging into Golf” by Ernest Jones and Innis Brown. It was written initially in 1920 and is a very easy read, which pinpoints his fundamental principle which is “There is only one categorical imperative in golf, and that is to hit the ball solidly, and there are no minor absolutes”. Even at that early date, he talks about the fact that golfers go through paralysis and through analysis in search of the perfect swing, which rest assured I can confirm, there is none. He states the body and all its parts should be treated as terrible leaders of the swing but admirable followers of the action of the hands, wrists and arms. The club is swung by this action followed by the correct movements of the body on an athletic foundation and platform from your hips, lets and feet.
Many golfers today believe the golf swing is science based only, which in part is true, but let’s not forget golf is an art. After all the years of studying the golf swings of many players, I’ve never said the game was easy, but we can all make it simpler than we make it. The fewer swing thoughts the better in order for your swing to show some rhythm, timing and flow through the impact, which we should keep in mind is the moment of truth and in the end all that matters. I’d encourage you to read Jones’ book as it is simple and to the point.

One last thing, we should never leave out our Scottsdale Country Club Pride of Ownership program of fixing any and every ball mark we see, raking bunkers smoothly, and filling divots with sand and seed. January is an active month with the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, and Waste Management Golf tournament in town. If you’ve never been to the Phoenix Open as we know it, it is worth the price of admission.

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