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The country club at DC Ranch is a country club where you can enjoy many of the activities with your loved ones. The activities includes tennis, fitness, swimming, awesome dining venues and many other social events too.The best Scottsdale golf club is located in the heart of the city Scottsdale. For all the members DC Ranch continuously organizes many events & activities whole year which cannot let the members go away from us for a minute.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Scottsdale Golf Club : Some Awesome Clicks

 One of the pre-eminent golf club at the base of the McDowell Mountains in North Scottsdale,USA. .You can enjoy full driving range & golf lessons by well experienced trainers.The best Scottsdale Golf Club offers private golf courses for all level of golfers.Our all programs designed by Tom Lehman and John Fought.

Friday, 15 August 2014

A Guide for Your Favorite Scottsdale Golf Club

The Country Club at DC Ranch continues to make strides with the bunker renovation project to the extent we waited an extra day to update you until we put our 50/50 blend of Augusta White and AZ Pit in the right greenside bunker on hole #1 as shown in the top photo.  In summary, at depths of 1 ½ inches on the faces and 2 ½ inches on the floor of each bunker, we should not have balls bury and the club should bounce through the sand and splash the ball onto the green.

In the middle picture we show a ramp into the bunker at the low point which is the easiest way in and out of some of our best Scottsdale Golf Club steep bunkers as well as an entry point for our Sand Pro machinery.
The bottom picture is to encourage all Scottsdale Private Golf Club players to rake imperfections from the bunker after your shot as smoothly as possible for the players behind you.The easiest and most efficient way is to pull sand into the footprints, etc. and then push sand over it to finish it without a mark left behind.  We believe this is best done with two hands moving the rake, and not dragging it behind you with one hand is this will generally leave both tooth marks and waves in the sand.
If done properly, and moving a few inches of sand in depth, it will allow more air to get underneath the top layer and dry the sand out much quicker than before.  So far, so good with the process and we will keep you updated throughout the next couple of weeks Scottsdale Golf Club progress.

The Country Club at DC Ranch greenside bunker renovation project was completed yesterday with 33 bunkers having improved drainage, liner/stabilizer, and new sand, each of which is an improvement over where we were.
In days of old the bunker renovation strategy was to put 4” on the faces and 6” on the floor of the bunkers in the hope that they would settle over time.  We went with 1 ½”on the faces and 2 ½” - 3” on the floor for immediate playability and not waiting for the excessive amounts of sand to settle.
Please review the pictures enclosed and notice that the entry and exit for players as well as our bunker machinery is at the low point of the bunker, and where there was, what we believed to be a steep drop, we added a ramp for your convenience.
You will recognize the location of this ramp by the “T” marked in paint, next to where we put a rake.  This will assist our Country Club Scottsdale members in and out of the bunkers after you rake it smoothly for all golfers.  Please place the rake back by the painted “T” as shown.
The initial plan calls for hand-raking the greenside bunkers so we can get air through the profile of the sand to enable it to dry quickly.When we did this in most of Picture 2 it dried out within 30 minutes versus staying wet all day as was the case in the past.
We believe with continued maintenance practices, these bunkers will play better than ever.  Thank you Scottsdale Country Club for your continued support.