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The country club at DC Ranch is a country club where you can enjoy many of the activities with your loved ones. The activities includes tennis, fitness, swimming, awesome dining venues and many other social events too.The best Scottsdale golf club is located in the heart of the city Scottsdale. For all the members DC Ranch continuously organizes many events & activities whole year which cannot let the members go away from us for a minute.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Golf Activity Plans at Scottsdale Golf Club

The weather has been great for golf since we opened in October and many more Scottsdale Golf Club rounds have been played this year than in the past, which is great news.

The Ladies’ and Men’s Rodeo, our Scottsdale Golf Club Member- Member tournaments in November had larger fields than in past years and hopefully will continue to grow in upcoming years. This Scottsdale Country Club tournament kicked off the competition season with the full schedule starting right after the New Year. As in years past, we have a full complement of Match Play Competitions for individuals, as well as team events such as the ever popular Captain’s Cup. Be on the lookout for each Match Play’s brackets as the sign-up deadline was December 29th.

We are finalizing the itinerary and programming for our spring Scottsdale Private Golf Club Member-Guest tournaments -the Desert Diamond Classic for women, and The Round-Up for men. The plan is to have a registration opportunity on ForeTees after the 15th of January, which you will be informed of prior to the initial sign up date. The one change of note to the Round Up only is the format will return to five (5) matches, which was very popular, as told to us in the Member survey last spring. Please keep up with your Scottsdale Golf Club ForeTees notices to be updated on tournament information.

Ladies’ Golf Instruction

We have some nice activity with our Scottsdale Private Golf Club ladies golf instruction sessions to date and at your request; we will be adding more dates to the calendar. For those who have not participated as yet, instruction is available to all level of players and we cover short game and full swing in every session.

Some have inquired as to our Scottsdale Country Club “system” of teaching to which I can reply, it is custom to the needs of the student as no golf swings or golfers are identical. There is not a cookie cutter model for all players, but more so what your game needs, what ball flight makes sense for you to play your best golf, and then build what can be repeated with each club in your bag.

I can tell you Scottsdale Golf Club Focuses on fundamentally sound concepts so they can easily be remembered and executed. Please keep in mind that just because you are comfortable with how you swing, does not mean it is as correct as it could be and thus some small changes should be considered for better results.

Instruction will be helpful if you make the time to work on it, otherwise when you try to play with new ideas without work and practice; you will play golf with a confused mind. So, please, let’s make a commitment in 2015 to play better golf with help from one of our Country Club PGA professionals, and work on all phases of your game, both full swing and believe it, more importantly, your short game.

Over the years I have read many books on golf instruction and one of my favorites that I would recommend to you, if you can get a copy, is “Swinging into Golf” by Ernest Jones and Innis Brown. It was written initially in 1920 and is a very easy read, which pinpoints his fundamental principle which is “There is only one categorical imperative in golf, and that is to hit the ball solidly, and there are no minor absolutes”. Even at that early date, he talks about the fact that golfers go through paralysis and through analysis in search of the perfect swing, which rest assured I can confirm, there is none. He states the body and all its parts should be treated as terrible leaders of the swing but admirable followers of the action of the hands, wrists and arms. The club is swung by this action followed by the correct movements of the body on an athletic foundation and platform from your hips, lets and feet.
Many golfers today believe the golf swing is science based only, which in part is true, but let’s not forget golf is an art. After all the years of studying the golf swings of many players, I’ve never said the game was easy, but we can all make it simpler than we make it. The fewer swing thoughts the better in order for your swing to show some rhythm, timing and flow through the impact, which we should keep in mind is the moment of truth and in the end all that matters. I’d encourage you to read Jones’ book as it is simple and to the point.

One last thing, we should never leave out our Scottsdale Country Club Pride of Ownership program of fixing any and every ball mark we see, raking bunkers smoothly, and filling divots with sand and seed. January is an active month with the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, and Waste Management Golf tournament in town. If you’ve never been to the Phoenix Open as we know it, it is worth the price of admission.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

New Year Hopes For Scottsdale Country Club

Although I’m not sure 2015could get any better than 2014, I am (like always!) looking forward to what the New Year might have in store. What will the new year bring us – locally and globally, personally and professionally? Have you made New Year’s resolutions, set goals for yourself or dreamed about what 2015 might have in store for you? I actually started out this column the very same way last year…….going on to say “I’m anxious about some of the challenges but more so excited about the opportunities. What do I see on the horizon as it pertains to Scottsdale Golf Club, The Country Club at DC Ranch?” So let’s take a look back and compare what I saw on the horizon this to me last year and just how well my crystal ball may have worked!

• That, unlike most of the country, we’ll experience near normal weather over the next few months with more days above normal than below…..until we hit summer where they’re predicting average temps to be a couple of degrees warmer than usual? Yikes!

Remember last winter? Probably not….because we really had no winter on the Ranch last year! The winter and spring months were warmer than normal but then along came summer and, well, summer is summer!

• That our phenomenal spring weather will drive more demand for golf rounds, tennis court time, pool seating, fitness facility access and food & beverage experiences that we have ever had the privilege of trying to accommodate? (Yikes!)
Be careful what you ask for! Yes, we couldn’t have been much busier than we were during the months of February thru April….to the point we all heard comments about ‘maybe too many Members’!

• That your Scottsdale private golf club will continue to be the place where Members want to hang out, a place to be with like-kind of friends who have much in common, who share the same values and embrace a place “….where everyone knows your name?”
Nailed that one too! In fact, “…fun, family and friendliness” has become our brand and truly defines what makes Scottsdale Golf Club, The Country Club at DC Ranch so special. Give yourself a huge ovation for being such a terrific group of Members. Members are what make a great Club!

• That the demand for Golf Memberships will continue to grow….to the point that a limited supply will have the effect of increased resale prices for those that feel they must sell?
Supply and demand is an amazing thing – right? Recent Resale Prices for Golf Memberships have climbed to the mid-ninety’s and the Scottsdale Country Club Membership Committee has just proposed increases to both the Clubhouse and Sports Social membership classifications!

• That the clubhouse and golf course construction scheduled for the summer months will create an operational challenge not seen since the Country Club first opened its doors some seventeen years ago?
Well, that was certainly true…..and not much more I can say here other than to thank all of you for your phenomenal support as we took away your golf course for a month and made figuring out where and when you might find a cocktail or dinner a real challenge.

• That the challenges we’ll face during construction will open up new opportunities and that the “buzz” generated as we approach the annual Scottsdale Country Club Kickoff Party next Fall will be awesome?
Yes and yes!

• That the positive response to the efforts of Scottsdale country club Executive Chef Lenard Rubin and the culinary team will not only continue…….but the reputation will grow to a point in which we’ll be challenged to accommodate the demand for dining reservations?
Tried to get a reservation lately? Some might say (again!) to be careful what you ask for but, at least in this case, it’s ‘all good’!

• That we’ll overcome all the various challenges thrown our way, find new opportunities and continue to make every effort to exceed your expectations?
True and very true…..and we certainly hope your agree. More importantly, we thank you for your continuing support!

Oh yeah, I shared one of my New Year’s resolutions with you last year too – “I have no way of knowing how people really feel, but the vast majority of those I meet couldn’t be nicer. Every once in a while someone barks at me. My New Year’s resolution is not to bark back.”

Hhmm? Not sure I didn’t break that New Year’s resolution shortly thereafter! In any event, I’ll try again in 2015.

On that note, please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude for your generous contributions to the annual Employee Appreciation Fund. After sending a brief ‘reminder’, we went from a 665 participation rate to 80% within just a few days. As a result, your total contribution to the fund was $135,620! Every employee of the Club (except me!) receives a portion of this fund – calculated by dividing the total amount of funds available, after taxes, by the total number of months collectively served by the Club’s employees. Your generous contributions provided every employee with an appreciation bonus of $1,019! Please trust me when I say that your giving made a huge difference to many of our employees.
Until next time,

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

2015 Scottsdale Golf Club Round-Up Gentlemen’s Member-Guest: Registration Open

The 2015 Scottsdale Golf Club Round-Up Gentlemen’s Member-Guest has been scheduled for April 22-25, 2015.  Registration will be available beginning at 7:00 a.m. on Friday, January 16th on ForeTees under the “events” tab or by calling the Scottsdale Golf Club Golf Shop at 480.342.7210.  We recommend signing up online as phone lines will likely be busy.  Entries will not be accepted prior to 7:00 a.m. on Friday, January 16th so please mark your calendars and plan on registering in a timely fashion.  The entry deadline is Friday, February 6th, 2015 at midnight.

Based on Member survey results this year’s Scottsdale private golf club Round-Up will be returning to the popular five nine-hole match play format played in past DC Ranch Member-Guests from 2000-2012.  The field will be limited to 72 Scottsdale golf club teams. Should entries exceed the 72 team maximum; teams will be accepted based upon the following point system; 1 point will be given for each year that a member has participated in past Round-Up Tournaments and 1 point for members who registered for past events but did not get into the field.  Teams not making it into the 72 team for 2015 will receive priority entry into the 2016 Round-Up field.  The remainder of the 2016 field will be filled based on the point system. 

Teams that make it into this year’s field will receive confirmation on Saturday, February 7th.  Teams not making it into the field will also be notified and will be placed on an alternate list in order by the number of points they have, and then by the date and time in which their entry was received on Scottsdale Country Club ForeTees.  Once the deadline of February 6th has passed teams in the field will be asked to provide their Guest’s information. 

The entry fee for the 2015 golf club Round-Up is $1,400 per team.  A $700 deposit will be placed on your February statement.  The remaining balance of the entry fee will be placed on your March statement.  Deposits are non-refundable after April 1st.

Included below for your review is the schedule of events and general Scottsdale Golf Club tournament information.  We have added a few new twists to this year’s tournament which we believe you will enjoy including a new way to determine our 2015 Golf Club Overall Champions.  We are very excited and look forward to hosting you and your special guest this year.  We hope you can join us!

Scottsdale Country Club Championship Format
The Scottsdale Country Club tournament will consist of two-man teams divided into flights of six teams based on combined team handicap indexes. Each team will play five nine-hole matches within their flight to determine the flight champion.  Flight champions qualify to compete for the Overall Championship to be played during the 6th and final nine-hole round.  The sixth and final nine-hole round will be a two-person modified chapman format (select drive alternate shot).

Teams not qualifying for the Overall Scottsdale Country Club Championship will also play a 6th nine-hole round in a separate competition to be scored using the same format as the Overall Championship round for a separate cash purse based on the specific nine-holes they are playing.

Nine-hole matches will be played using the four-ball match play format.  In four-ball match play, the better ball of the partners will be played against the better ball of the other two players.  A hole is won by the team who holes the ball in the fewest NET strokes. 

Play will be from the Blue or Blue/White tees based on flight.  Players over 70 years of age may choose to play the White tees for the appropriate reduction per USGA guidelines. 


Teams will receive 1 point for each hole won, ½ point for each hole halved, and 0 points for each hole lost. Each match has a total of 9 possible points. This scoring format requires that teams play all nine holes in each match regardless of the number of holes won or lost.  Flight Champions will be determined by total points won and not by win/loss record.  


The course handicap of all four players in each match is reduced by the course handicap of the player with the lowest handicap, who then plays from scratch.  All indexes will be course adjusted and divided by half to determine the nine-hole handicap for each player.  Nine-hole adjustments will not be rounded and half strokes will be given where appropriate. 

The maximum handicap index and course handicap differential between partners is 10.  If the differential is greater than 10, the higher handicap will be adjusted down to maintain the 10 stroke differential.  Every player is responsible for playing with his correct handicap index as of April 15, 2015. The committee makes its best effort to obtain correct handicaps. If there is an error, it is the responsibility of the player to report it to the committee immediately. The Tournament Committee has the responsibility to adjust handicaps based on the USGA Exceptional Score Probability Table.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Great Year for Scottsdale Country Club Tennis Program

We had a great year at the Scottsdale Country Club tennis courts in 2014, but things look to be even more exciting in 2015. The weather is about to be perfect here in Scottsdale and now is the time to get out and play tennis. Our staff tries to incorporate the values of the Scottsdale golf Club with a fun, family and friendliness tennis program and we hope that you will continue to be a part of it or make that first step to get involved.

As I mentioned, 2014 was a great year for the Scottsdale Country Club tennis program:
  • Traci Guy completed her second year and Arin Enge his first year as tennis professionals. They have both brought so much to the program!
  • We had eight (8) ladies league teams this past fall which is the most we have ever had!
  • Our 3.5 ATA team won the fall league championship!
  • Our B4 and A3 teams won the spring championship!
  • We had a Men’s USTA 4.0 team and a Mixed USTA 8.0 team win sectionals and go to the National Championships!
  • The Scottsdale Country Club tennis courts changed colors to the US Open blue and now stand out as the championship courts that they are.
  • The Scottsdale Country Club men’s program has continued to grow and for the first time we had a 3.0 USTA team to go with our existing 4.5 team.
  • Pickleball was introduced for the first time at the Scottsdale private Golf Club.
  • The Scottsdale Golf Club.junior program has continued to flourish under the leadership of Traci and Arin, especially the 10 and under program.
  • Our many socials and events were well attended with a wide variety of participants
  • Cardio Tennis continues to be our most attended activity every Saturday morning at Scottsdale Golf Club.
So what do we have to look forward to in 2015?
  • Construction of our new Scottsdale Golf Club tennis building to include a pro shop and bathrooms!
  • Even more creative programs, socials and events including our first ever Tennis/Golf Event.
  • An expanded pickle ball program with more events and open play.
  • Staff that will continue to provide the highest quality of service and an opportunity for all players to get involved in the tennis program.

A special thank you to all of the captains of our women’s, men’s and mixed teams! Your leadership and organization keep the leagues fun and running smooth. I am looking forward to seeing everyone out on the courts throughout 2015. Please feel free to contact me or any of the tennis staff if you have questions or want to get involved.

Congratulations to the 3.5 ATA team captained by Denise Gramm and co-captained by Christi Wolfe as they took home the league championship this fall! Besides Christi and Denise, the team consisted of Tania Reed, Alex Chaplik, Sunshine Torczan, Sara Fabricant, Stacie Gorder and Addie Budenbender.

Ladies Holiday Member Member Event

Ladies had a great time at the first ever Holiday Member Member Event! Congratulations to our winners: Frosty Division – Tina Poole and Carolyn Gladwell, Rudolph Division – Stacie Gorder and Addie Budenbender, Kris Kringle.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Scottsdale Golf Club Expansion and Renovation

Arizona's best Scottsdale Golf Club "The Country Club at DC Ranch" is recently renovated amenities will most likely be the attraction for the members to continue to satisfy, play, dine and celebrate. Our clubhouse is well renovated where members enjoy events, dining and special functions, will be enhanced to accommodate a more open concept and indoor/outdoor dining.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Scottsdale Golf Club Desert Diamond Classic Ladies Member-Guest Tournament- Registration Open

Registration for the 2015 Scottsdale Golf Club Desert Diamond Classic Ladies Member-Guest Tournament is quickly approaching and will be available beginning at 7:00 a.m. on Friday, January 16th on Scottsdale Golf Club ForeTees under the “events” tab or by calling the Golf Shop at 480.342.7210.  Once you have completed the initial registration on Scottsdale Private Golf Club ForeTees the Professional Staff will confirm your entry via email and provide you with all tournament information and detailed registration forms.  The entry deadline is Friday, February 6th, 2015 at midnight. We have every expectation that this year’s tournament will have the largest field in the history of the event and hope that you plan to join us for all the fun and camaraderie.

The 2015 Scottsdale Private Golf Club Desert Diamond Classic is scheduled for March 23-26, 2015. The field will be limited to the first 72 teams to register.  If you are in need of a partner, please inform the Scottsdale Country Club Golf Shop upon registering for the tournament and we will do our best to help find you one. Should entries exceed 72; teams will be placed on an alternate list based on the date and time in which their entry was received. Scottsdale Country Club Sports Social Members are invited to register on a space available basis.

The entry fee for the 2015 Scottsdale Golf Club Desert Diamond Classic is $700 per team. This will be charged to your account in two increments, with a $350 deposit on your February statement and the remaining $350 on your March statement.

Each year we have many Scottsdale Golf Club Ladies who like to have some fun with matching team uniforms. If you are interested in special ordering team uniforms please let us help you.  We have catalogs from most of your favorite brands and can help you with availability and Member pricing so you can look your best! Turnaround time for special orders can be a few weeks so please plan on getting your orders in no later than March 1st.

Included below for your review is the schedule of events and general Scottsdale Golf Club tournament information. We have also added a few new twists to this year’s tournament that we believe you will enjoy.  We are very excited and look forward to hosting you and your special guest this year.  We hope you can join us!